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Thai women vs russian brides: what’s your pick?

Thai women VS Russian brides is an interesting subject. Thai and Russian women are two at the top of the list of dating niches. Both are just outstanding and make the best wives. They are so gorgeous and loving, have excellent values, and are supportive. Although similar in some ways, they do have their differences. Let’s compare and contrast.


Thai women VS Russian brides are not comparable in beauty. Both are equally beautiful and very different so it comes down to a man’s personal preference. Men who love petite brunettes with slender figures and deep brown eyes they can get lost in definitely prefer Thai women while others gravitate towards long legged blonde bombshells.


Thai women are strongly impacted by their culture as are Russian brides. Family and those close to them are very important and their ultimate goal in life is getting married and starting a family of their own. Both are conservative to some degree but Thai women are more so. For example, Russian women do not stray away from closeness, physical touch, and affection while Thai culture deems it unacceptable in public.

Family introductions

Both Thai and Russian women will introduce a man to their parents at some point in the relationship. Russian women tend to do this sooner and that meeting is less significant than if a Thai woman does it. In Russia, women often invite men over for social gatherings so he can get to know their friends and loved ones. When done in Thailand, it means you’ll be popping the question soon.


Thai women VS Russian women differ significantly concerning the subject of sex. Both think intimacy should be reserved for a special man but many Thai women save themselves for marriage which is great for men seeking women with traditional values. As for talking about sex, most Thai women are uncomfortable with such conversations while Russian women are more open. The key here is timing. Mention it too soon and you’ll offend if not scare her away. Although it is recommended that you delay such talks until a commitment is established, most Russian women are very comfortable with their sexuality and sensuality.

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