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Thai women dating: what you need to know

Thai women dating is considerably different than what you may be familiar with. Social etiquette plays a huge role and must be handled with care. This is especially so for foreign men. Thai dating is largely based on traditions so it is important to follow and respect those traditions. Here are a few things you need to know.

A thai woman will never talk to you first

Whether you have joined or are trying your luck at a few pick up spots in Thailand, remember that a quality Thai woman will never talk to you first. They do not approach men to introduce themselves and say hello like other women do which means you have to work to get a date. Thai women dating etiquette helps women determine how gentlemanly a man is and makes it easy for men to tell what kind of Thai girl they are talking to. A woman who is marriage material will not approach men while a promiscuous one will.

She will bring a chaperone

A major way dating Thai women differs from what you are used to is the use of chaperones. If you have a date, expect her to bring a chaperone. This may be her sister, cousin or a close friend. Whoever it is, you have to wine and dine them too. Additionally, remember to be kind to whoever she brings along. Yeah, it may seem like she is trying to get a free meal for her and a loved one but Thai women just want a second opinion. You will be asked a lot of questions and although you may feel the urge to be just as inquisitive, don’t. It is the only way to make a good impression.

Consider bringing a stuffed animal

Most would immediately think to bring flowers and flowers will do but Thai women just adore stuffed animals. It is best to go with a teddy bear or something else soft and plush. If that is a little too cutesy for your taste, they also love chocolates. The bottom line is, no matter what you do, a gift is crucial. Her eyes will light up upon seeing that you went through the trouble of getting her a present.

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