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Is it ok to hookup in a car after escaping from the party

Too many young people nowadays do not have a place of their own for casual sex founded in dating hookup site. It leads to funny and non-typical situations at times, such as having sex in a car after leaving the party together.

It’s not against the etiquette if that is what you worry about. If both persons are too impatient to wait and there is no police or children around, they can do whatever they want and enjoy the moment.

“We started dating with Gabriel exactly after a hookup in a car”, Diana tells. “It was just an adventure for us since we got so bored on a college party. But this is how we liked each other.

I saw other young people starting their love story or a long-term casual affair exactly this way. I think a car is the only shelter for modern youngsters since there are roommates in their apts”.

“I lost my virginity in a car after a big party so I know how it feels”, Karen says. “We never met with that guy again, but it was fun to start like that and gain the experience that helped me later”.

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