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How to date a thai woman: everything you need to know

Dating Thai women is exciting which is why we started They are delightfully different, ultra-feminine and very beautiful. With their beauty comes a lot of tradition, culture, and social etiquette. Because of this, there is some information you need to know to win her over and not offend. Below are a few things to do just that along with what to expect from the Thai dating culture.

Get used to a group setting

Anyone wanting to learn how to date a Thai woman must know that many dates will be group dates rather than one on one outings. It is tradition that a woman brings at least one chaperone but as the relationship progresses you may find yourself going out with her and 2-3 of her friends on a regular basis.

Pick the right date location

You can never go wrong with a dinner date. There is nothing that women from Thailand like more than dining out. Although true, there are several cool places to visit in the country that she probably has not even seen so do your research and pick a fun and exciting location.

Use restraint

PDA is a no-no in Thai culture so when it comes to how to date a Thai woman, hands off (for now). Thai culture is very gentle and the physical aspects of a romance are approached slowly. This means you need to practice restraint to avoid scaring her off.

Be a gentleman

When it comes to men, especially Western men, Thai women have high expectations. They expect a guy to treat them well. This means opening the door for her, pulling out her chair, standing when she stands when dining out and also being polite in conversation. Just do your best to make her feel comfortable, avoid uncomfortable topics, do not talk about yourself too much and use statements of courtesy like, “Let me get that for you” often.

Lay off the drinks

On every single date a Thai woman goes on, she is paying close attention to how much if any alcohol her date consumes. Thai ladies do this to see if you display any signs of an alcohol problem.

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