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How i met my wife on thailand free dating

In the early 2000s, I was fond of free dating. There were two reasons for this: a banal lack of time and money (University, 2 part-time jobs and my mother was ill) + well somehow it did not work out in my life getting acquainted. For me it was important to find not only beautiful but loving and caring Thailand woman. And in general, I did not understand women well, and in the virtual environment, it’s easier to tell my secrets and to get answers to questions without waiting for a meeting.
That was the reason why I registered at I was really interesting in Thailand online dating and decided to look for my love at that great online platform. For the sake of simplicity, I will tell everything how I’ve met my wife online and I will not embellish or dissemble anything.
When I saw her page, I immediately realized that I had few chances, and most likely it would not be interesting together. She is the queen of the party, beautiful, sexy. Bright photos. And I love rock clubs. I wrote to her simply at random and suddenly received an answer. Correspondence began. The girl turned out to be interesting and far from stupid. Not bad was guided in literature, art. I was very surprised and fascinated. Quickly we agreed on a date. While she was walking, I thought that something was clearly not right. Probably the photo was not hers. This girl was sitting in the cafe, just like in the photo. And we started acquaintance. I felt her intellect was clearly not the one that was in the correspondence. And she says to me: “Forgive me – you are a good boy. But I already have a young man. ” I was somewhat surprised, I asked about the purpose of that date. And then she added: “In general, my brother liked you, and he talked with you. He asked me to meet with you, so I prepared you for the topic .. Well, gay people are also normal lovers and you will be fine together. And he will now come up. ” I silently left her in the café and went away.

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After that case I continued my searches. I met my future wife online by chance, we just had common musical interests. The photos were more than modest, the figure was a bit fat. WE began to communicate, it turned out that she was really interesting person. Probably, after week or two both lived by one correspondence: we talked about everything. One day we decided to meet in real life. She liked me a lot. It turned out that her photo from the questionnaire was made several years ago. The girl lost weight, looked just stunning, sexy and beautiful. In general, I admit honestly, I thought she was my dream. A couple of dates passed miraculously. In several months we decided to live together, now we are getting ready for our wedding. And I’m very thankful that I have met my wife online.

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