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Dating in thailand: little known secrets

There is a lot of information Western men dating in Thailand need to know. Culture and traditions have such a huge impact on dating so it is important to know the dos and don’ts. The more you can navigate the dating phase on your own, the more success you’ll have with Thai beauties. Check out three of the little known secrets below.

PDA is frowned upon

Very few know that dating in the country is very conservative. When you travel to meet the special Thai woman in your life, physical affection is off limits in public. You’re probably thinking, “Ok, I won’t kiss her.” The rules go beyond that. Hugging, snuggling up close and even hand holding is unacceptable. In other words, hands off until the two of you are alone.

You gotta have nam jai

Nam jai translates to a generous heart. Every woman from Thailand wants to date a man with nam jai due to its significance in Thai culture. Although many in the country are poor with very few resources, they will share whatever they have no matter what. This means when you’re given opportunities to show generosity, take them. Please note that this is not a Thai woman and her family taking advantage of you or handing out all your money. It is just helping someone out when you can. This may involve giving gifts or giving money for a home repair. It definitely sounds sketchy to Westerners but this actually helps you get the girl, impress her family, and you will make genuine friends who will be there if you ever need help.

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Dating in Thailand requires compromise. Many Thai women frown upon Western culture and expect you to embrace Thai customs. In order for the relationship to work, compromise is crucial. The easiest way to do this is by respecting her culture and taking part in important customs while requesting that she do the same. Otherwise, an imbalance is present in the relationship from the very start. Have an open mind and expect that from her as well. Establishing this early on will set the foundation for a strong and healthy relationship with a Thai woman.

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